Smaller Washington Apple Crop Projected

apple crop

Wenatchee, Wa.-The preliminary numbers are in concerning this year’s apple crop and the forecast of  total number of boxes is down 1-point-2 percent from last year’s harvest. The 2017 crop is forecast to be around 130-point-9 million standard forty-pound boxes of apples. That compares to 132-point-9 million boxes in 2016. Jon DeVaney, President of the Washington State Tree Fruit Association, says there could be many factors why this year’s forecasted apple crop is slightly down from last year.

Devaney also emphasizes that even though the forecast for this year’s apple crop is slightly down from last year, it will still go down as the third largest in history.

The Red Delicious apple remains the most numerous variety with a projected 24-percent of total apple production, Gala is close behind at 22-point-5 percent, followed by Fuji at 14-percent and Granny Smith at 13-percent of total apple production.