Wenatchee city council to consider purchasing portion of Federal Building


WENATCHEE- The Wenatchee City Council is scheduled to take possible action tonight, August 10, that could lead to the City’s purchasing a portion of the old Federal building from its new owner, LocalTel Communications.

Mayor Frank Kuntz says its on the agenda for discussion.

“We are moving ever so closely to an agreement with LocalTel to purchase roughly half of the Federal Building, we’re not there yet, we don’t have the condominium association formed yet, we don’t have a lot of I’s dotted and t’s crossed,” Kuntz said. “But were moving in that direction, and so this is just another agreement. We’re starting to spend some money on architects, we’re starting to kind of figure out where the dividing walls might be and what those might cost to get built and who might have to pay for some of those.”

Kuntz said the agreement will not officially purchase the portion of the property, but helps the city figure out how the agreement would look and solidify the process.

Specifically, the Council will consider authorizing the Mayor to sign a pre-purchase agreement with LocalTel Federal Building. Tonight’s Council meeting starts at 5:15 at Wenatchee City Hall.