Vets Serving Vets assists more than 250 at Stand Down event


WENATCHEE- The National Guard Armory in Wenatchee played host to the annual Veteran’s Administration Stand Down earlier today.

The event aims to help former military veterans learn about programs and services provided to them by the Veteran’s Administration.

A rolling primary care medical bus was also on hand to provide health care.

Zachary Badger with the Department of Veteran Affairs in Spokane says events like a Stand Down means so much to veterans in need.

“Right now I coordinate for Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Coeur d’Alene and Spokane kind of has a year around Stand Down sort of speak,” Badger said. “This is the third year I have been doing it. Usually we see several hundred vets in each event with a mixture of homeless vets and veterans that various service eras with their families coming here for various services.”

Badger said after three years helping with the local event, Wenatchee has been an excellent host.

“Wenatchee is great, like I said this is my third year where we’ve had services providers from within the Wenatchee community,” Badger said. “With haircuts and massages, we put on surplus for vets to kind of help them get along through the year. So it is kind of a collective community coming together to serve those who served our country.”

Over the last few years, Badger said the number of veterans who attend have stayed fairly consistent.

“This year has been really cool to see because the media exposure just for the short amount of time the bunker folks had a chance to promote this was only four months, so that is a very short timeline usually we have a year lead time going to these events,” Badger said. “The media exposure does a tremendous job bringing in vets so we have had more this year then seems like last year or the year before so it has been good to see that.”