State Supreme Court to review Chelan’s Three Fingers case

The Three Fingers fill, located on West Woodin Avenue on Lake Chelan. (Google Maps)

The Three Fingers saga in Chelan will continue into next year as the Washington State Supreme Court reviews the case next year between the Chelan Basin Conservancy and GBI Holdings Co.

The CBC sought to have the three fills removed six years ago, taking GBI Holding to court to argue that the fingers impede public access to Lake Chelan.

Located on West Woodin Avenue, the fingers total six acres as artificial peninsulas on Lake Chelan that were constructed in 1961 by Goodfellow construction. Goodfellow proposed a plan to subdivide the three fingers for development, prior to the lawsuit.

In a separate lawsuit, GBI Holding sued the city of Chelan after they required GBI to dedicate one finger as public land when they began plans for development. The suit has been on stand-by as the CBC v. GBI case continues to develop, an issue the city of Chelan says they remain neutral on.

The Supreme Court decision could rewrite the Shoreline Management Act at the state level, arguing that the clause which protects the three fingers violates the Public Trust Doctrine.

The Supreme Court scheduled hearings for the winter 2017 term.