Chelan County PUD to expand fiber-optic network

Chelan County PUD’s fiber-optic network expanding in 2018.


Chelan County PUD’s fiber-optic network continues to expand and in 2018 more homes and businesses will be connected under next year’s budget.

PUD Commissioners were briefed this morning on the network build out by their Fiber and Telecom manager, Mike Coleman.

Coleman reported that 73 percent of the County is now hooked up to fiber with over 14,863 active connections. He says since 2022 the wait time for new installations has dropped from 31 days to 11 days.

Coleman reports in 2018 that the network will expand under the utilities Public Benefit Program to homes along the Chumstick Highway and Merry Canyon in the Leavenworth area as well as completion of Brender Canyon and Manson Blvd.

In total over a thousand homes will be connected to PUD Fiber. Commissioner Randy Smith commented on how the PUD’s broadband services are viewed by the Nation’s public power industry.

The PUD also plans to increase marketing of the fiber program through radio, TV and print advertising targeting adults between 25 and 55.