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Local Programs that bring you the people, places, news and events of North Central Washington!
Below are descriptions of our local programs.

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BNCW Virtual Tour of Homes

NCWLIFE Channel is proud to present the Sangster Motors BNCW Virtual Tour of Homes.  Eric Granstrom is your host as he visits with top builders throughout North Central Washington on a tour of 8 beautiful homes in our area. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times. Swift Springs Development & East Wenatchee Home with Mike Roberts of Roberts Construction Villa Real Estates Home 1 in Malaga with Jon & Austin Port of Real Homes Leavenworth Home with Rob Carlisle & Chris Groby of Carlisle Classic Homes Upper Entiat Home with Steve Sadler of Sadler Construction Lake Chelan Home with Greg White of G.L. White Construction Villa Real Estates Home 2 in Malaga with Jon & Austin Port of Real Homes The Bluffs Home on Colockum Road...

At Home with NCWLIFE

If you want to learn more about the world of real estate here in North Central Washington, we have you covered At Home with NCWLIFE!  Join Crystal Hughes for a weekly dive into all things real estate.  She’ll sit down with agents, home inspectors and professionals from throughout the real estate industry to help you buy, sell, build or improve your home.  That’s At Home with NCWLIFE, Saturday and Sunday’s at 10:30 and throughout the week on your local TV station, the NCWLIFE Channel. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

NCW Library Show

Join us for the NCW Library Show.  We’ve got something for everyone!  Our show is full of inspiration, learning and fun!  Check out our do-it-yourself STEM activities.  Enjoy story time with Miss Clare.  Get moving with an easy Yoga flow with Miss Melissa.  Get book recommendations from our NCW Librarians and much more!  Tune in each week for a new episode.  Also, find us online at www.ncwlibraries.org or on www.facebook.com/ncwlibraries.  Be kind and read on! View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Vibrant Motion

Vibrant Motion is a new exercise program created for the 55+ community. But don't let that fool you: these workouts are challenging for all ages. Join us each week for a new episode featuring low-impact aerobics or Tai chi. Brought to you by the Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Vibrant Living

Celebrate our local "Aging and Active" community members! Vibrant Living features a variety of news, entertainment and information highlighting seniors and senior activities in North Central Washington. Brought to you by the Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Common Sense with Dominick Bonny

These days it can be hard to trust the media. What’s true, what’s fake, and who is behind the message? Dominick Bonny is a freelance journalist and videographer who has spent years studying the media, interviewing people, writing stories, and producing documentary videos. Bonny was also born and raised in Eastern Washington and grew up working on farms and in the fields. Now he is taking a look at what local, regional and national news stories mean to us here in North Central Washington. Join Dominick Bonny for Common Sense on NCWLIFE TV! View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Here’s to the Class of 2020

NCWLIFE Channel presents the graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020. Watch the broadcasts in the links below, or see the re-broadcast of the commencement ceremonies for Eastmont, Wenatchee, Quincy, Cascade and Cashmere High Schools on the schedule below. Watch the graduation ceremony for Eastmont High School below... Watch the graduation ceremony for Wenatchee High School below... Watch the graduation ceremony for Cascade High School below... Watch the graduation ceremony for Cashmere High School below... Watch the graduation ceremony for WestSide...

In Focus

NCWLIFE Special Correspondent Steve Hair sits down with area newsmakers for wide-ranging discussions on the topics of the day. Steve is a veteran radio and TV interviewer who helps bring the big issues In Focus for you.

1 Million Cups

A monthly event that brings entrepreneurs and the Wenatchee Valley community together over coffee and conversations. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Election 2019

NCWLIFE coverage of the 2019 election. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for Live Sports Broadcast air times.

Special Events

For special event coverage such as Apple Blossom, community events, and the like

Concerts in the Garden

RLS Entertainment presents the Concerts in the Gardens Series at Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee. It's a 5-part, summer concert series in an intimate setting overlooking the Wenatchee Valley.

Arbiter of Stoke

Host and adventure enthusiast Tom Potter takes you on a weekly tour of the "outback" of the Pacific Northwest with his camera and his zest for keeping his "stoke."

NCWLIFE Evening News

The NCWLIFE Channel's Evening News program. Broadcast weekdays at 5pm, 6pm and 10pm. If you hear of or see any newsworthy event feel free to share it with us by calling 509-888-2020. Weekdays at 5:00pm, 6:00pm & 10:00pm

Local Sports Broadcasts

NCWLIFE Features LIVE and tape-recorded broadcasts of local high school sports as well as Wenatchee Wild Hockey. Thank You Sports Sponsors View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for Live Sports Broadcast air times.

The 12th District with Cary Condotta

The 12th District with Cary Condotta brings you the latest political news from around the world, Olympia, and right here in our own district. With 16 years in the House of Representatives and a successful 35 year track record in business, Cary has a unique perspective on the issues. You can count on straight forward facts and commentary without the clutter each and every week Tuesday at 8:00am, 5:30pm and 10:30pm - Thursday at 2:30pm - Saturday at 1:00pm

Saving Rae’Ana

The heroic story of saving a little girl who fell through the ice of a Rock Island pond is being told on the NCWLIFE Channel this Thursday.  “Saving Rae’Ana” is a 1-hour special chronicling the terrifying story of 6-year old Rae’Ana Rosenberg, who accidentally fell through the ice and drown.  Viewers can watch never-before-seen footage of video of the event as it unfolded February 21st.  Rae’Ana was in the water for 20-minutes before being rescued and resuscitated. See the dramatic footage of her rescue and hear from the rescuers as they pulled off the “one in a million” save.  Find out how crews braved the icy water...


GWATA TV gives you a first look at North Central Washington’s business news. You’ll hear from our local business, tech, and education communities as Jenny discusses hot topics and current events with some of the best innovators and pioneers in North Central Washington. Monday 4pm - Tuesday 10am - Wednesday 12:30pm - Thursday 3pm - Friday 8:30am - Saturday 5pm

Spotlight on Business

We're going behind the scenes to bring you the story of local businesses throughout North Central Washington. How did they get started, and why are they so successful? As well as covering our local Chamber of Commerce's for updates to what is happening in our area. We'll answer these and other questions each week Sundays through Fridays on the NCWLIFE Channel. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Live it up!

Live it up! is the show all about you. Join us every week as we answer your questions on how to improve your health, wealth, and relationships. Fletcher Ellingson speaks on the subconscious unseen forces which influence thoughts, decisions, and actions and therefore determine the quality of people’s lives.  He’ll provide advice and inspiration needed to take on life’s challenges. Dr. Amy Ellingson is a long-time family physician. She’ll answer questions and provide practical information for taking care of your amazing body so that it can continue to take care of you! Monday at 8am & 3pm - Wednesday at 9pm - Thursday at 10am - Friday at 1pm - Saturday & Sunday at 6pm

Wake Up Wenatchee Valley

Start your day with the Wenatchee Valley’s only local morning TV show – “Wake Up Wenatchee Valley” with host Dan Kuntz Wake Up Wenatchee Valley is Wenatchee's fast-paced hour of entertainment and interviews with local news makers and personalities, served up with a wink and a smile. See the latest news, up-to-date weather and sports, the birthday club, Valley View cameras, and more. Weekday mornings, it’s Wake Up Wenatchee Valley with Dan Kuntz, exclusively on the NCWLIFE Channel. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.  

Sights & Sounds – Enjoy the Wonder of North Central Washington

NCWLIFE Sights & Sounds provides a beautiful, relaxing way to enjoy the beauty and diversity North Central Washington has to offer. Video and images taken form the majestic peaks of the Cascade Mountains to the expansive wheat fields of Waterville, see the wonders of our region Set to relaxing music that you can enjoy over a hot cup of coffee or to have on in the background while entertaining guests.  Our region is blessed with awesome beauty and diversity, Sights & Sounds brings it to your home to enjoy! View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Pybus University

Pybus University Classes Pybus University is a series of unique and fun classes for the Wenatchee Valley Community put on by Pybus Market. Classes are taught by local volunteers with an interest and aptitude in the subjects that they teach. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

Let’s Learn

Let’s Learn is a show on NCWLIFE Channel that takes time to examine topics in an environment of discussion.  Eric Granstrom, your host, sits down with various guests to find out more about their expertise on various subjects.  Each episode spends 30-minutes featuring a frank, straight-forward conversation in an attempt to learn something new. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

NCWLIFE Magazine

The NCWLIFE Magazine takes you behind the scenes of news, business, arts and other events around North Central Washington. Magazine episodes show the behind the scenes work that community members put in to make North Central Washington the place we call home. NCWLIFE Magazine provides you with quality coverage that helps keep you informed on the who’s, what’s and where’s around North Central Washington. NCWLIFE Magazine airs every weekday, see our program guide for specific show times. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.
Tech Talk Logo

Your Weekly Tech Update

Your Weekly Tech Update with host Ray McNeal is your one stop shop for everything geek! With the latest from Google, Facebook, Tesla, Darpa, VR, gaming, and everything in between - Ray scours the interwebs to bring you the newest, coolest, and craziest stories. All this served to you on a nice little half hour platter. Ray McNeal started his broadcasting career in Wenatchee working side by side with names like Steve Hair, Dan Kuntz, Java Mamma, Kristie Taylor, and Eric Granstrom. He has always been addicted to gaming, Sci-fi, and all things tech. Over the past 15 years, Ray was a radio and TV engineer at LocalTel Communications. He then moved with his family to Australia and became a business owner on Phillip Island, just 55 minutes away from...

Life with Lisa Bradshaw

Lisa Bradshaw brings her upbeat take on life to NCWLIFE! Lisa Bradshaw is the host of Life with Lisa Bradshaw, a show focused on everyday people and everyday life. She is a mother, cancer survivor, author, producer, and founder of The DON’T WAIT Project®, a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to raising community awareness about how positive life choices can impact the health and welfare of individuals, organizations and communities. Bradshaw writes and speaks on topics ranging from motherhood to patient advocacy and entrepreneurship to organ donation registry. She has been a guest on national television and radio, including Oprah Radio and The Rachael Ray Show, and her story has been featured in New York Daily News, InStyle, Parents, Better Homes & Gardens, and...

Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees with Bonnie Orr

Bonnie Orr and Co Host Dan Kuntz take you through all things green and growing. Watch each week during the growing season as Dan and Bonnie tell you what is happening that week in the garden and how to do it. Learn, laugh and enjoy the show every week. Bonnie has been gardening since she was a child. Playing in the dirt is so satisfying and her mud pies were almost delectable.  Bonnie loves to grow veggies that she can harvest all year around, and especially appreciates unusual vegetables such as veronica. Potatoes are her favorite because harvesting them is like a treasure hunt.  She grows plants and shrubs that attract beneficial insects and a wide variety of birds to her yard. Bonnie...
Northwest Outdoorsmen

Northwest Outdoorsmen

Northwest Outdoorsmen is an award winning television series featuring Northwest residents hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to capture outdoor activities that most Northwest residents enjoy; hunting and fishing publicly accessible lands and water without guides. We are sportsmen doing what most sportsmen do; and that is doing it on our own! Take a memorable journey as The Northwest Outdoorsmen explore destinations in the Great Northwest and beyond! The Harrod family and friends hunt small and big game, and fish for anything that will bite! The series is shot documentary style with hunting and fishing adventures told by sportsmen and women in their own words. Brought to you by Harrod Outdoors Harrod Outdoors LLC is a small outdoor video production...
Street Talk and Other Stuff

Street Talk and Other Stuff with Mike “Maddog” Magnotti

Mike "Maddog" Magnotti, host of NCWLIFE's "Street Talk and Other Stuff," is proud to offer  entertainment which celebrates local people and events with humor, absurdity, and absolutely no other redeeming social value. Maddog believes we all should have fun and laugh; at our world, ourselves, and the crazy circumstances we all live in.  Maddog wants everyone he comes in contact with to live fulfilled lives where we love, celebrate, eat, and live with passion - together as we make our way, day to day, from one personal adventure to another. Take some time to have fun, check out "Street Talk and Other Stuff" on the NCWLIFE Channel. View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.

NCW Movie Guide Show with Ceann Lee

Are you a movie buff?  The NCW Movie Guide has the local movie information for you! Tune in to the NCW Movie Guide and Join Ceann Lee as he takes a look at the movies playing at our local theaters. Learn about what’s playing, where it’s playing, and when it’s playing while watching some of the theatrical trailers from new releases. Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm View the NCWLIFE Program Guide for air times.