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NCWLIFE Magazine

NCWLIFE Magazine

Host Jay Seabeck creates weekly episodes of the NCWLIFE Magazine. Jay takes you behind the scenes of news, entertainment, business, sports, cuisine, and other events around North Central Washington. Magazine episodes show the behind...
Destination Diva - Travel Show

Destination Diva – Travel Show

Join The Destination Diva for a series based on what everyone loves to do, travel! We’ll speak with professionals in the travel industry as well as average travelers as they explore within our community as well as destinations...
Tech Talk Logo

Your Weekly Tech Update

Your Weekly Tech Update with host Ray McNeal is your one stop shop for everything geek! With the latest from Google, Facebook, Tesla, Darpa, VR, gaming, and everything in between - Ray scours the interwebs to bring...

Life With Lisa

Lisa Bradshaw brings her upbeat take on life to NCWLIFE! Lisa Bradshaw is the host of Life with Lisa Bradshaw, a show focused on everyday people and everyday life. She is a mother, cancer survivor, author, producer,...
Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees with Bonnie Orr

Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees with Bonnie Orr

Bonnie Orr and Co Host Dan Kuntz take you through all things green and growing. Watch each week during the growing season as Dan and Bonnie tell you what is happening that week in the garden and...
Northwest Outdoorsmen

Northwest Outdoorsmen

Northwest Outdoorsmen is an award winning television series featuring Northwest residents hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to capture outdoor activities that most Northwest residents enjoy; hunting and fishing...
Wake Up Wenatchee With Dan Kuntz

Wake Up Wenatchee Valley

Start your day with the Wenatchee Valley’s only local morning TV show – “Wake Up Wenatchee Valley” with host Dan Kuntz. Wake Up Wenatchee Valley is Wenatchee's fast-paced hour of entertainment and interviews with local news...
Fitness In Your Day Program

Fitness In Your Day

Want to work out but can’t seem to find the time or the right gym? Join professional trainer and life coach, Michelle Stutzman, and friends on Fitness In Your Day - an exercise show for...
Call of the Wild Hockeyvideo

Video: Call Of The Wild

Be sure and tune in each Thursday night of hockey season at 8 o'clock for "Call Of The Wild", with host Arch Ecker and Wenatchee Wild Coach Bliss Littler.  They'll review the week that was...
Street Talk and Other Stuff

Street Talk and Other Stuff with Mike “Maddog” Magnotti

Mike "Maddog" Magnotti, host of NCWLIFE's "Street Talk and Other Stuff," is proud to offer  entertainment which celebrates local people and events with humor, absurdity, and absolutely no other redeeming social value. Maddog believes we...