Off-Duty Jail Deputy Assists In Catching Alleged Shoplifter


WENATCHEE- An off-duty Chelan County Jail Deputy helped catch an alleged shoplifter Monday in Wenatchee.

Police Department spokesman, Captain Edgar Reinfeld says the deputy was at the Albertson’s grocery store at around 5:25 in the afternoon when he apparently witnessed the shoplifting and followed the 62-year-old suspect out of the store and into the parking lot.

Reinfeld says the deputy appeared to be uninjured in the scuffle with the suspect, 62-year-old Marcus Jaramillo of Wenatchee. He says it is not uncommon for an off-duty cop to intervene when they observe a crime in progress.

“There is no requirement under law or policy even for Wenatchee Police to take action on something like this off-duty, though you would find that in general we may,” Reinfeld said.

He says the Wenatchee Police Department sets guidelines for how officers should handle such situations.

“Police officers, especially when you’re inside your own jurisdiction, obviously you have authority at all times to make contact and make an arrest,” Reinfeld said. “We certainly hope and by policy encourage but don’t require the carry of restraint and a firearm off-duty along with your badge and I.D. but it’s not required,” Reinfeld said. “We do have a policy that says you cannot be held liable for not taking action off-duty which is not really contradictory to the other policy but all tied together it does leave a lot of discretion to the individual about how to act.”