NCWLIFE Magazine

NCWLIFE Magazine

Host Jay Seabeck creates weekly episodes of the NCWLIFE Magazine. Jay takes you behind the scenes of news, entertainment, business, sports, cuisine, and other events around North Central Washington. Magazine episodes show the behind the scenes work that community members put in to make North Central Washington “God’s Land”. NCWLIFE Magazine provides you with quality coverage that helps keep you informed on the who’s, what’s and where’s around North Central Washington. NCWLIFE Magazine airs throughout the week, see our program guide for specific show times.

Your Host Jay Seabeck

After graduating from Washington State University in 2016, he began working from the ground up in the world of television production. Born and bred here in the Wenatchee valley, he is a true native of North Central Washington. In his spare time he is a sports fan and can usually be found enjoying a beverage, or two, with friends or family at one of the local watering holes.

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