Let’s Learn


Let’s Learn is a show on NCWLIFE Channel that takes time to examine topics in an environment of discussion.  Eric Granstrom, your host, sits down with various guests to find out more about their expertise on various subjects.  Each episode spends 30-minutes featuring a frank, straight-forward conversation in an attempt to learn something new.

It’s Let’s Learn, Monday’s at 5:30pm; Tuesday’s at 4pm & 9pm; Wednesday’s at 10am; Thursday’s at 12:30pm; and Saturday’s at 12pm.

This and other NCWLIFE programs can be viewed streaming live, as they air here!

Tune in and watch NCWLIVE on

  • LocalTel TV, channel 12
  • Charter Cable, channel 19
  • Broadcast over the air, channel 47.1


Let’s Learn