Who let the dogs out? Wenatchee welcomes adoptable dogs from Texas


WENATCHEE- On Friday the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society had a truckload of adoptable dogs show up from Texas after Hurricane Harvey. The dogs were moved from Texas to make room in the Texas shelters for lost pets or local pets who needed a place to stay while owners evacuated. Jay Seabeck has the story.

“This is not unusual for us to take dogs from Texas, simply because Texas has a limited amount that animals can stay in their shelters, and because the Humane Society is a no-kill shelter in the United States,” said Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Executive Director Dawn Davies. “We try to give those animals an opportunity to be adopted out and not have to worry about a time limit.”

Davies said because of the natural disaster, shelters and rescues throughout Texas were inundated with pets. To clarify, the pups brought to Wenatchee were dogs already up for adoption in shelters throughout Texas.

“In the last week we brought up 40 dogs like John Deer here and it was amazing,” Davies said. “They arrived Friday morning in a big van, actually a big trailer pulled by a big one ton dually kind of like you would expect to see a big horse trailer, but 40 dogs came out of it.”

Davies said 11 people were already lined up at the front door of the building to adopt when the rig pulled in.

“So we adopted 30 dogs and another 21 dogs Saturday, so obviously those are not all Texas dogs, but overall I think the public outpouring here in Wenatchee is that they want to clear the shelter to make more room,” Davies said.

Davies added that it is important not to forget about Hurricane Harvey while Hurricane Irma makes its way through the Southeast.

“Some of our partner shelters throughout the United States are already calling for volunteers to come down to the Houston area to help with Texas, because let’s not forget about Harvey while Irma is going through,” Davies said. “With Irma in the Southeast and Texas in the South, a lot of the resources are going to be pulled in a lot of different directions to help all these states. Washington seems a little removed but were actually pretty close and it only took them 20 hours to get here.”