Friday night road rage evolves to hit and run involving patrol car


WENATCHEE- Police had their hands full Friday evening on Wenatchee’s Southside. What started out as a road rage incident evolved into a hit and run crash involving an East Wenatchee police patrol car.

Captain Edgar Reinfeld says it started shortly after 5 p.m. when two drivers got into an altercation while merging westbound over the Senator George Sellar Bridge.

“The two drivers exited the George Sellar Bridge onto South Wenatchee Avenue, both pulled over,” Reinfeld said. “One driver got out with a golf club to confront the other driver, the other driver came out with a handgun. There was a bit of a stand-off and police were called.”

While police were working on the small stand-off, East Wenatchee police came to assist and blocked the off-ramp on George Sellar.

“One driver went to take the exit and hit the patrol car belonging to East Wenatchee and fled the scene,” Reinfeld said. “There ended up being quite a bit of nonsense with that, they fled down to the apple yard area where Chelan County deputies caught up with that vehicle and got it stopped.”

Deputies arrested the driver for the hit and run, Reinfeld said. He says charges are pending in the road rage investigation, adding that the handgun was confiscated.