Fastpitch Softball Signups Underway

GWGSA Is In Real Need Of U14 & U16 Girls To Sing Up


(Wenatchee, WA)…Signups are underway for the Greater Wenatchee Girls Softball Association’s upcoming season.  Julie Lester is the Vice President of the GWGSA and says they’re looking for girls between the ages of 5 and 16.

“We’re accepting registrations for all of it but we’re really trying to get out there that we have a 14-16 U Division,” said Lester.  “We’re really going to accommodate that season in that we do know that that age with high school they play other sports.”  Lester says they’re in real need of girls in the older age group but with high school and other activities, signups have been slow.  “Lack of signups on 14, 16 because everyone is holding off to see who’s signing up.  In the meantime we have nobody signing up.  So we’re looking for a Leavenworth team and a Chelan and Manson team and if we get a Waterville team we’d like to intertwine all that.  If we get all the signups we believe that are out there, we should have three local teams and we’ll bring in those other teams as well.”

March 20th is the early registration deadline with late registration due by March 25th.  Julie’s daughters Kailan and Tigan have both played softball for years and have a lot of fun with their teammates.  Tigan’s advice fro girls who are nervous about playing softball because of the chance of getting hit by the ball?  “If you get hit, just walk it off.  I get up in the batter’s box and psyche myself out and end up scooting way back and don’t hit the ball when I’m trying to.  And then my Mom’s like get mad!  So I get mad at myself and get a hit.”  Kailan says playing softball is a great way to expand your friend base.  “(Playing softball) is really fun because you can find all kinds of new friends.  Ever year they place you on a different team and soon you have a lot of new friends.”

Lester says the best way to sign up is through the Eastmont Parks Department.  Cost for registration is $80 for one child and if a family has a second daughter who wants to play it’s $60.  The website for the Greater Wenatchee Girls Softball League is