Emergency Management Facebook page shares inappropriate meme

Emergency Management

WENATCHEE-Chelan County Emergency management is receiving backlash after an employee shared a meme on its Facebook page showing protesters getting run over by an SUV.

According to a press release from the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, an employee accidentally ‘shared’ the post to the agency’s page on Monday and removed it as soon as staff realized the error.

The post was a meme with the caption “All lives splatter. Nobody cares about your protest. Keep your ass out of the road.” A meme is defined as an image or piece of text that is copied, often with slight variations, and spread rapidly by internet users.

The employee added “I don’t wish harm on anyone.. but protesters don’t belong in the road!”

Chelan County Emergency Management  has made changes in its procedure to ‘assure nothing like this will occur in the future,” according to a press release.