Destination Diva – Travel Show

Destination Diva - Travel Show

Join The Destination Diva for a series based on what everyone loves to do, travel!

We’ll speak with professionals in the travel industry as well as average travelers as they explore within our community as well as destinations far and wide. Expect to go on the road with me to places you may not have seen or visited in Washington and beyond. Passing on the tricks of travel, we’ll review out of the way hotels and those most traveled to see where you’ll want to lay your head! Planes, trains, or automobiles, we’ll make sure you’re up to date on the ways to navigate your final destination!

Want to know about a tourist attraction before you go? We have you covered! From tour operators to group hosts, you’ll get the inside information you need to make your vacation even better. Whether you are dreaming of a luxury, family, romantic, group, or business trip, you’ll find answers and ideas for to plan your get-a-way. Don’t forget to watch for the “tip of the week”, quick tips on the most popular and sensible ways to travel.

Do you have an idea for the show? Want to be our guest? We’d love to hear from you.

Email Jeri at: , write, “show idea” in the subject line.

The Destination Diva Show – where will your journey take you?

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