Cops and kids join forces at Hooked On Toys for annual charity event


WENATCHEE- A number of local kids received a special hand with their Christmas shopping this year during the 4th annual charity event at Hooked On Toys.

Officers from a number of law enforcement agencies paired up with students from the Wenatchee School District and shopped till they dropped to help bring gifts to families who needed an extra hand this holiday season.

The event, organized by Wayne Loranger of Premier One Properties and the NCW Foundation for Youth, collaborates with the Wenatchee School District to bring students in need to the toy haven to shop for gifts for their family.

“I had seen this program in other areas and thought it was something that would work here,” Loranger said. “The real estate agents at Premier One, they give money into a fund out of each check, and this is just one of the items that they give money to each year.”

Premier One donated $8,000 to the foundation for the shopping event.

“This is just one of those events that is super special, it gives the officers a chance to show their human side and who they really are to kids who might have seen a different side of law enforcement in their upbringing,” said Corporal Brian Bolz with the Wenatchee Police Department. “I think that this is a win-win.”

Bolz coordinates with the Wenatchee School District to select students to participate in the program, bringing them to Hooked On Toys to select and wrap their gifts.

“I always enjoy coming down because you watch those officers work with the kids and it is just fun to watch–you can’t help but smile,” Loranger said.