Congressman Reichert Responds to “Town Hall” Protests

Congressman Dave Reichert

After declining to attend town hall meetings in Cashmere and Issaquah, 8th District Congressman Dave Reichert conducted a Q and A in a Live Facebook interview on KCTS TV in Seattle Thursday.

The Interview with KCTS Reporter Enrique Cerna covered several topics of concern for constituents attending “town hall” gatherings earlier the week such as immigration, The Affordable Care Act.

The Congressman responded to some constituents complaints about his refusal to attend the “town halls.” “They’re not productive,” Reichert  said “It’s just a moment that people, some people — not all — some people want to use to voice their opinions sometime in a very loud, very rude and obscene way.”

Fredi Simpson with the Chelan County Republican Party sided with Reichert’s negative view of town halls as they’ve been conducted so far by those critical of the Trump Administration.

“We’ve seen all around the country that when the actual congressman is there, it is anything but respectful. It’s yelling and screaming and accusatory,” Simpson said. “I’m going to say that yest they were polite and respectful at Monday night’s meeting, but Congressman Reichert was not there.”

The response to his social media event was mostly critical, based on comments left on the live stream. Many viewers called for Reichert to meet with his constituents in an open meeting.

He said he would continue to answer phone calls and hold small group meetings, but that he also had security concerns for his staff when it came to town halls.