Commitment Ceremony Celebrates 5

Wenatchee High School Seniors to Extend Their Sports Careers


(Wenatchee, WA)…The Panther Booster Club celebrated Wenatchee High School seniors with a College Athletics Commitment Ceremony last night.  Five seniors signed their letters of intent to continue their playing careers at the next level.

Isabelle Dressel will continue swimming at Brown University.  “It was kind of very last-minute, like, just figured out in March.  So that was fun.  I’d like to thank obviously my parents for getting me to start swimming and getting me to reach farther for my goals.  And I’d like to thank my coaches for helping me get better and always making it fun to swim.”  Dressel says she wants to go into medicine.

Sophia Garrison has chosen to play soccer at Walla Walla Community College. She’s following her older sibling.  “Well my sister went there and I was like ohhh, that would be really cool at first.  They kind of thought I played volleyball, thinking I’d follow my sister’s footsteps.  So the coach was like, oh you play volleyball!  And I’m like, no, I play soccer.  So then Jordan Hacker (soccer coach) contacted me (saying) so I heard you play soccer not volleyball!  So I was like, you’re right on that one!  So I went down there with Alyssa Mobley and we both tried out and it was a really good experience and I really like the team over there.  So I chose there.”  Garrison says she will study basic courses towards an Associates Degree.

Alyssa Mobley will play soccer for Warner Pacific College near Portland. She wanted to thank her coach John Springer.  “I remember my first practice of my senior year.  We all practiced for about an hour.  It was after picture day, just a kind of fun practice.  And then we all went into the locker room and John (Springer) actually shared a poem from his Dad.  And he kind of gave that to us.  It really showed all of us how much we mean to him.  And I remember after the practice, I’m not an emotional person.  I’ve only cried twice during my soccer season.  But I bawled after that.  I was just crying and thanking him for everything he’s done for us.”  Mobley says she wants to follow her mother’s footsteps and go into nursing.

Jessica Wierzbicki decided to follow a different path and surprise many people as she continues to pursue swimming.  “Well, I decided to surprising sign onto the Air Force Academy.  And, those of you who knew me before this year, would say that’s kind of surprising.  I don’t think people would guess this is the path that I would choose.  But after going to the campus and seeing the kind of atmosphere, it’s just very different and I definitely like choosing a different path that most other people.  Also, it’s free, so that’s another plus!  But then I have to serve 5-years after that so maybe it isn’t free?”  Wierzbicki says her mother would say she’s going into engineering, but she wants to keep her options open.

And, finally, multi-sport athlete Luke Worley will play basketball at Pacific Lutheran.  “I’m very appreciative and grateful first of all to God.  I am a man of faith, truly blessed with the things that God has given me.  He has given me a supportive family, my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles have been true fans.  My biggest supporters are, of course, my Dad, my Mom and my sister.  I love all of them and appreciate all the basketball trips that you drove me to and to come and watch.  You would practice with me and help me with my workouts, which made it kind of fun, especially seeing my Mom work out.”  Worley says he’ll be pursuing a business education.

Brigid Chvilicek is the President of the Panther Booster Club. She says this is the fourth year of recognizing athletes with a signing ceremony.  “We just decided this was a way to recognize our seniors but to streamline things to do a symbolic signing night for all of our seniors that will be playing a collegiate sport.  So we do it towards the end of the year so we can try to catch as many as we can.”

We’ll have more of the Panther College Athletics Commitment Ceremony coming soon on a Magazine episode on the NCWLIFE Channel.