Chelan, Douglas County look into establishing regional law library

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WENATCHEE- Chelan and Douglas County Commissioners are talking about partnering up to establish a regional law library in the area.

The discussion was part of a joint session of Commissioners from both counties earlier in the week. Chelan County Commissioner, Keith Goehner says they’re exploring how developing a shared facility could save costs.

Commissioner Keith Goehner

“RCW’s allow for counties to go together so there would be an opportunity to maybe have a central spot for the actual physical volumes, but most of the legal work is done online and is available through electronic means,” Goehner said. “It could be a cost savings and that’s what we’re exploring at this time.”

Commissioners also discussed other topics of shared interest such as regional transportation and the $150 million Federal grant they are applying for. Behavioral Health and the development of the Parkside mental health crisis care center were also on the meeting agenda.