Chelan County Commissioners to hear final recommendation on outdoor marijuana farms


Chelan County Commissioners say their final decision on regulating marijuana farms and processors will not be swayed by recent street protests by area growers. The Planning Commission is scheduled to make its final recommendation at Wednesday’s meeting.

The Central Washington Growers Association has organized two demonstrations in protest of the County’s regulatory actions and lawsuit against the industry. .

“This was passed by the will of the people. In Chelan County 51 percent of the vote said yes, they wanted recreational marijuana growing here in Chelan County,” said Caitlein Ryan, President of the Central Washington Grower’s Association. “Right now, County legal is trying to shut all of it down. We’ve had three years of people trying to operate here in the county with a lot of investment.”

Commissioners satisfied with planning process

The pickets were out again Monday afternoon but Commissioner Keith Goehner says he’s satisfied that all sides have been adequately represented in the planning process . . .

The Planning Commission meets Wednesday evening. The panel is expected to recommend banning all outdoor farms and requiring air filtration systems to mask the odors generated by the marijuana during harvest.

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