Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice opens newest outlet in Wenatchee


WENATCHEE- The newest edition to the Wenatchee business community, Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice, opened for other businesses only as a preview event Friday, featuring samples and giveaways for attendees and a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

The new location will have a grand opening ceremony for the public on Saturday, August 12.

“To come into a small community like Wenatchee is really cool for Cash&Carry, because that’s really what we do best–we become part of a community and sell well to small communities,” said General Manager Rob Stevenson. “We better them from the point they come into the store, they’re able to buy perishable products all the way throughout to name brand products– anything that they need.”

The warehouse store caters to restaurants throughout the area, giving them bulk options to stock up on produce and supplies. Cash&Carry remodeled the old Staples building at  200 Ferry St.

“The building was completely stripped, it was taken to basically gravel, and when I walked into the building to begin with, there was holes in the ground and a dump truck in the middle of the building, absolutely nothing in here,” Stevenson said. “To go from ground floor, absolutely zero, to coolers racking product customers its been an incredible process and as far as what it means to the community, there’s nothing like Cash&Carry in this community. I think it’s a long time coming for this community.”