Authorities Name Arson as Cause of January Dolco Fire

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WENATCHEE- Authorities say the January 14th fire at the Wenatchee Dolco packaging plant was intentionally set.

Investigators say evidence, including video from a surveillance camera, points to arson as the cause according to a press release from Chelan County Fire District 1.

Brian Brett with Chelan County Fire District 1 says the fire caused upwards of $5,000 worth of damage when it torched several pallets containing Styrofoam packaging material. Brett says a Company surveillance camera captured images of a possible suspect setting fire to the pallets.

There were no injuries. Brett urges anyone with information should contact police through RiverCom Emergency Dispatch at 663-9911.

The Arson Alarm Foundation and the Northwest Insurance Council have an award fund established, up to $10,000, for credible information.