The ‘apple you’ll Rave about’ from Stemilt Growers hits the market


WENATCHEE- It’s the newest variety coming out of Stemilt Growers: Rave.

Rave, an apple cultivar called MN55, was bred through cross-pollination at the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program by the same researcher who developed the Honeycrisp and SweeTango apple varieties.

Part Honeycrisp and part MonArk, the Rave comes off the trees in late July, making it the first apple to harvest in Washington State while most apples aren’t ready for harvest until mid-August or September.

Rave has a red skin with some yellow, and is crisp and juicy on the inside with some “snappy zing,” according to Stemilt. The researcher who bred the apple, David Bedford, cross-pollinated two breeds in 1997. Its name plays off its flavor and crunch.

Communications Manager with Stemilt Growers, Brianna Shales, told NCWLIFE more about the exclusive variety.